3 Benefits Of Using CO2 Laser Cutting On Metals

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If you need to cut metals and want to use a laser cutting process, a CO2 cutter might be your best choice. These tools use carbon dioxide to produce the laser that makes cuts in a material.

What are the advantages of using a CO2 laser on your jobs?

1. Get More Versatility

Some laser cutting processes have limited capabilities on certain materials. For example, fibre lasers don't always work well on wood. The heat they produce can scorch the wood. It can even make it burn in some cases.

Plus, some laser cutters have size limitations. For example, a fibre laser tool will struggle to cut through thicker sheets of metal. Even if it can make cuts, the effort it has to use to cut through thicker materials might give you uneven results.

CO2 laser cutters are more versatile. As well as cutting metals, they can safely and effectively cut other materials, including wood. So, if your jobs include other materials as well as metal, then you can use one laser for all your cutting needs. These lasers also won't have any problem making efficient cuts on thicker sheets of metal.

2. Get Better Cut Quality

If finish matters to you, then you have to find a laser cutter that can make cuts of the right quality. Some tools can't do this.

For example, some cutters don't pierce metal cleanly. They might leave a larger entrance point. They also might struggle to make completely clean cuts with smooth edges.

While this might not matter if you will finish your metals after cutting or if you don't need a perfect finish, it is a problem if you have to meet specific quality controls. Here, a CO2 laser cutter is a better option. These lasers pierce metals immediately and make even and smooth cuts that don't require finishing.

3. Get Cost-Effective Cutting

While you need your metals to be cut to the right specifications and to the right quality levels, you don't want to pay more for this work than you need to. If a CO2 laser is suitable for your projects, then this could be the most cost-effective choice.

CO2 lasers have been around for a long time. Their costs are lower than cutting tools that use newer technologies, such as fibre lasers. Plus, CO2 tools are easy to use and work fast. You could benefit from reduced job and labour costs.

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26 January 2023

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