How Can You Tell That It Is Time For A Commercial Fridge Repair?

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Product freshness and safety are crucial, especially when processing or retailing foodstuff. Most vendors will invest in quality refrigeration services to ensure what they sell gets to the consumer in an excellent state. However, regardless of the maintenance standards you hold your refrigeration tools, a time will come when weaknesses cause refrigerator breakdown. Sometimes the damage could be overt, and you will know the products aren't safe. However, some other complications are covert. It is advisable to hire a refrigeration expert as soon as you notice the following signs of trouble with the system. 

The Food Is Getting Spoilt

One of the ways to tell that refrigeration is no longer good is when the quality of the food deteriorates. For example, most processed food comes with a sell-by date. It indicates how long it is likely to be edible after production. Most manufacturers also state how long you can store the food in the refrigeration after breaking the seal. If your food is spoiled before the sell-by date, and you have refrigerated it, the chances are that the machine has stopped working. It could result from dirty coils, problems with the fans, leaks or limited flow of cold air inside the system.

Icicles Building Up Inside The Fridge

A functional and efficient refrigerator should operate without excessive condensation. You should not have ice or frost built up inside a well-maintained fridge. If you have noticed that water is crystallising on the food packaging or anywhere inside the food compartment, it is time to check the unit. Common causes of problems include faulty gaskets or leaving the doors open for too long. Replacing broken seals can help resolve this problem.

Odd Noises From The System

Your commercial fridge should have a quiet operation. You might hear a ticking sound when it powers on or off and a hum. However, loud noises like kicking, grinding and buzzing indicate the unit might be damaged and in need of repairs. The technician will troubleshoot and resolve the problem. 

Nasty Smells

A foul odour could also indicate that the food preservation process is no longer working. Acrid and musty smells are from rotting food and mould or fungi. Timely repairs keep bacteria and pathogens from growing and causing these nasty smells. 

Call a commercial fridge repair technician when you discover your fridge might have one of these issues. They can help you determine the cause of the problem and the best way to resolve it.  


13 September 2022

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