What You Should Know Before Restoring Your Driveway With a Bitumen Spray Seal

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Looking to rejuvenate the appearance of your residential driveway while extending its life? Like other paved surfaces, driveways experience wear and tear from normal use and will need to be restored from time to time to keep working well.

Bitumen spray sealing is one of the best ways to restore your driveway. It involves spraying a single layer of bitumen onto the paved surface as a hot liquid and then covering it up with an aggregate to create a high-performance pavement that provides excellent water resistance and skid resistance, especially in wet conditions.

If you are considering restoring your driveway with a bitumen spray seal, here are some things you should know before embarking on the project.

1. It only works on structurally sound driveways

For a bitumen spray seal to be effective at its job of improving the appearance of your driveway while increasing its life, it should be used on structurally sound pavements only. If the damage to your driveway has reached the base layer, you may not be able to rely on spray seals to return the driveway to its initial appearance and functionality.

2. It can suit a variety of paving applications

Spray sealing isn't just designed for driveways. It can be specified for other forms of paved surfaces as well. Many tarmacked roads and highways in rural and urban areas across Australia have benefited from spray sealing.

Spray sealing can also be used to restore car parks that receive heavy traffic.

3. It requires some TLC too 

While driveway spray sealing is carried out as a part of periodic driveway maintenance and restoration, it creates a new surface that requires regular care and upkeep to last for a long time. If you neglect maintenance on your bitumen spray-sealed driveway, the pavement may suffer premature damage. 

Keep in mind that spray sealing isn't meant to make your driveway last forever — it only helps to maintain its functionality and aesthetics while preserving its life. Your driveway will still need to be replaced sometime in the future. That said, spray seals are an effective and cost-saving way to add years of service to your driveway. If you think it's right for you, then consider talking to a bitumen spray sealing company based in your area. They'll arrange an inspection of your driveway and let you know if it can benefit from the application of a spray seal. 


22 December 2021

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