Choosing Wooden Crates For Your Transportation Needs

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Wooden crates are great tools for when you need to transport any material. They are extra preferable when transporting sensitive materials that would break in a box made of other materials or for things that have a surface that needs to be protected. If you need to get new crates for your business, or if you're looking into beginning to use wooden crates all together, you should be aware of what different types there are available and how they are suitable for different items you need to have transported.

Frame crates

These types of crates have no walls at all. They are simply constructed by a wooden framework. Their major function is to protect items that do not have a surface that needs to be protected, but that needs some space. The frame stops other items from being placed too close to the object being transported. These types of crates are suitable for, for example, large vehicles that are sturdy enough on their own, but can't be places in crammed spaces as they have parts that can break from situations like that. These types of crates are generally a cheaper option, as they don't consist of a lot of material.

Closed crates

These types of crates are the most common ones, and used to transport a large variety of materials. They completely protect whatever is stored inside of them from all types of wear as well as the weather. They might not be suitable for extremely large objects, such as heavy machinery, as the cost of the crate might be too elevated and also make the item harder to transport. You should also consider how your items are being transported and if you use any other type of packaging for your goods, as closed crates can damage, for example, cardboard if they are being stored too closely together.

Stitches crates

These types of crates are made from thin slices of wood that are stitched together to create a soft and breathing container to transport goods such as food or vegetables that need to be protected by rigid containers that are still able to breathe. These crates are still constructed like squares with rigid edges of wood and can therefore be put on top of each other for easy transportation. If you are looking for this type of crates but are not pleased with the stability they provide, you can also opt for getting these crates with wire stitched into the wood, which makes them more durable. 


26 February 2016

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