How to Remove Window Sashes Before Replacing Broken Insulating Glass

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You can reduce the cost of repairing broken insulating glass in your home by doing the repairs yourself. Alternatively, you can remove the window and take it to a glass repair professional. This second option is cheaper than asking the repair expert to come and do the work at your home. This article discusses how you can remove the window sashes in order to take the window to a glass repair shop. The removal method depends on the type of window you have.

Double Hung Windows

These windows slide up and down. Many double hung windows have vinyl jamb liners on their sides. These liners are your key to removing the sash. Apply some minimal downward pressure on the sash. As you do so, use the other hand to pull out the upper part of the sash. There are counterweighted springs that will become visible below the sash. You can free the sash from those springs by twisting it sideways. The sash will now be free.

Casement Windows

These are hinged on one side. They swing outwards once you turn a crank. The swing arms of casement windows normally have release catches. However, those release catches may be too complex for you to figure out. The best approach to take is to unscrew the arms on the hinges. Call someone to help you to support the window as you unscrew the arms holding it in place. Start with the top arm so that your helper supports the weight of the window. Starting from the lower arm may cause the weight of the window to shift and damage the upper arm.

Slider Windows

These move horizontally. It is very easy to remove the sash from such windows. Just lift the sash and swing out its bottom part. However, some slider windows have nails that hold down the trim on those windows. Those nails can make it difficult for you to remove the sash. Use pliers to pull out those nails before you attempt to remove the sash. Alternatively, you can use a hacksaw blade to cut the nails. Be prepared to drive new nails into the trim once the insulating glass has been replaced.

Be very careful when removing the sashes on your windows. Any mistake can result in additional damage to the glass. It may be more advisable to call a glass repair technician to perform the repairs without removing the window. The added cost of hiring that person may be more affordable that the cost of replacing the entire window once you damage it in a botched DIY glass repair attempt.


15 December 2015

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