Plumbing Problems That Should Not Go Ignored


One of the most common complaints homeowners will have are plumbing problems. By no means does this mean that all plumbing is faulty. These plumbing issues typically crop up due to regular use, hence increasing the chances of your plumbing system succumbing to wear and tear. Where homeowners go wrong though is ignoring the first signs indicating that their plumbing system requires some repair or maintenance. When you leave the issues unchecked, they eventually become exacerbated thus making you require emergency plumbing services. Here are some of the common plumbing problems that should not go ignored.

Faucets that are incessantly dripping

One sure fire sign that you need you plumbing looked at by a professional is faucets that do not stop leaking. The most common cause for this is when the washers in the faucets have become loose or dislodged. This will happen due to excessive pressure exerted when opening and closing of the taps. Granted, a dripping tap can be irritating to listen to, but homeowners tend to tune it out after a while. Ignoring the problem will not only increase your monthly utility bills due to water wastage, but the functionality of the faucet will keep deteriorating until it has to be replaced in its entirety.  

Toilets that are incessantly running

If you flush your toilet and the water does not start running, you should reach out for professional emergency plumbing services to come fix your cistern. Incessant running of water is caused when your flushing system starts malfunctioning. When the flapper valve in the system starts experiencing problems, it will not be able to inhibit water from leaking back into the toilet. Thus, water will keep running even when you do not require to. Just as with leaking faucets, if this is left unchecked you will have to contend with an increased water bill due to wastage.

Drains that are incessantly clogged

Homeowners typically know that a quick fix to a clogged drain is to use a plunger to get the debris out. Usually once you do this, you should not have to suffer from slow draining or additional blockages. However if you try to unclog your drain on your own and the water still will not go away, then you are dealing with a bigger obstruction in your plumbing system. Unclogging of drains is pertinent because if left undeterred, the debris and grime will just keep accumulating in your pipes. The bigger the blockage, the more pressure being exerted on your plumbing. This puts the pipes at risk of bursting and then you would have to contend with a bigger plumbing emergency. It is best to avoid all this by enlisting emergency plumbing services post haste to remedy the problem.


16 October 2015

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