The Advantages of PEX Pipes in Plumbing

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The popularity of plastic piping has risen in the recent past due to the low costs compared to metal alternatives like copper, galvanised steel and cast iron. There are different types of plastic pipes suitable for use in plumbing systems. The most well-known material is PVC but PEX pipes are also gaining recognition in the home improvement market.

PEX pipes are technically known as cross-linked polyethylene and they are considered to be good replacements for copper, PVC and CPVC plumbing features in the home. If you are carrying out a renovation project, you should consider choosing this material. Here are the main advantages attached to installing PEX pipes in your building.


The PEX pipes are manufactured through specific processes to ensure that the tubes are highly flexible. This means that the pipes can be handled easily compared to rigid alternatives like PVC and copper.

In addition, PEX pipes can accommodate different types of bends inside the house. This means that the fittings needed to set up the pipes in the plumbing systems are minimal. Basically, the piping can connect the primary distribution point to the outlet without connections joints. This minimises the weak points which are the primary sources of leaks in the pipe work.

Easy Installation

The installation of PEX pipe is relatively easy so the home improvement project will take a relatively short time. You will not need to purchase special glue to reinforce connections and technical skills such as soldering are not necessary. For instance, the connection between two PEX pipes can be made by pushing the sections and linking them with a simple fitting.

Structural Integrity

The material used to manufacture the PEX pipes has high structural integrity therefore you will enjoy durability. The piping can be used for cold as well as hot water and this does not affect the longevity of the products. The plastic will not pit or get corroded when exposed to acidic water so they can convey rainwater. In addition, PEX pipes are resistant to breakage due to freezing though this occurrence should be avoided.


The cost of PEX pipes is relatively cheaper than alternatives such as copper. It is a worthwhile investment because it will provide long-term service with minimal maintenance and repair needs. The plastic does not conduct heat effectively so you will conserve energy by using PEX pipes for hot water. Also, there are potential savings attached to quick installation and fewer fittings.

To get a second opinion or further assistance, consult a local plumber before beginning your project.


15 June 2015

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