3 Material Options You Have for Underground Water Storage Tanks

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Water storage tanks can be a great way to save money on the cost of water every month, as you can use collected water for a garden, livestock, or your lawn. An underground tank is a good way to store this water without detracting from the overall look of your yard, and it may even be easier to collect water with an underground tank. You can arrange for drainage from your home's gutters to run into an underground tank easier than one that sits above ground, allowing you to collect more water overall.

When it comes to the material of an underground water storage tank, note a few options you have.

1. Plastic

One advantage of plastic tanks is that they are usually made in one piece and without connectors, so there is less of a chance of leaks forming around those connectors. They are also lightweight and easy for a homeowner to install on their own, depending on their size. Some tanks are food grade quality, meaning they can hold water that is safe to drink.

However, while plastic tanks can be recycled, this often requires heat for them to be melted down and this process may create pollution. For someone very eco-conscious, this may not be the best choice.

2. Steel

Steel tanks have the advantage of being very easy to recycle, so you may be able to find a tank made of recycled material and know that it can be easily fabricated if you ever want to recycle your tank in the future. For the eco-conscious, steel can be a good choice for this reason. Steel is also typically stronger than plastic so it can easily withstand the pressure of moist soil, or a concrete driveway if you need to install in under your home's drive.

Most steel tanks will need a liner so that they don't corrode over time, and to keep leaks from forming around connectors.

3. Concrete

One advantage to concrete is that it can be formed in any shape or size, so if you need to work your water storage tank around tree roots, plumbing pipes and the like, you can do so easily with concrete. Concrete is also very strong so it too can withstand pressure from soil or any type of concrete driveway or walkway above it. However, the material is very porous and will need a liner to keep it from degrading over time.

Note these factors about common materials used for underground water storage so you can choose the best option for your property. For a second opinion, visit resources like http://www.bettacrete.com.au.


1 June 2015

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