Residential Digging Work: Why Engage Boring Contractors?

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Home improvement and development projects may require some digging, boring and drilling. For instance, you may want to set up a new sprinkler network or even carry out repairs around the structural foundation of your home. The initial digging tasks may seem like simple DIY work, so some homeowners will prefer to hire the equipment and carry on without professional assistance. This is not advisable because moving earth is technical, difficult and potentially dangerous when heavy equipment is involved. Boring contractors are trained to ensure that the work is performed efficiently and safely. Here are the main reasons why you should consider professional assistance for these kinds of projects.


The type of equipment used to dig will determine the success of the project, and choosing the right machinery can be challenging. The default choice for most homeowners is the backhoe or drill, which may not be ideal for the task. Such equipments are noisy, so they are not favourable in residential neighbourhoods, and they cause a lot of vibrations which can damage the structure of the house. For instance, you will cause cracks and loosening in the foundation if you use a backhoe around the building. Boring contractors have special equipment which is designed for minimal noise and vibrations. An example of such machinery is the hydrovac which essentially vacuums the soil instead of digging intrusively.


Precision is important during digging because it means that there will be less soil displaced, so extensive filling will not be required. It is also important to protect the soil in the property from unnecessary damage. A common method used by boring contractors is horizontal digging. It is the best technique when laying down a new sprinkler system or fresh plumbing pipes. The method requires technical knowledge and skill for tasks such as bracing and securing the ground structure before intrusion. A professional boring contractor will ensure that there is minimal damage to your property by digging according to the exact requirements.

Soil Conditions

The soil profile varies according to the depth of the ground, so the digging work will become more difficult as you advance. There are adjustments that should be made according to the soil conditions to prevent damage to the equipment and ensure efficiency. In essence, you cannot use the same strategy for digging soft soil and breaking rock, so without skills, disaster is imminent. Professionals will evaluate the soil prior to the dig so that they will be prepared to adjust the equipment for the processes.

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25 March 2015

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