3 Benefits of Tube Fencing


Are you interested in installing some tube fencing, but are not sure if they will meet your requirements? Then it's a good idea to firstly learn about the various benefits that tube fencing provides. As a result, you'll be able to make an informed decision regarding if tube fencing is the right option for you. Here are some of the top benefits of tube fencing:

Security Fencing

Those who require security to be one of the main benefits of their fencing will not be disappointed by tube fencing. It's typically made from galvanized or powder coated steel, which means it's strong enough to practically be unbreakable. To improve security, you can order tube fencing that is at least 3 meters high, and has spike on top. The spike-shaped designed makes it more difficult for anyone to climb over the wall.

Furthermore, tube fencing is the ideal material to be used in conjunction with anti-climbing paint. By applying a couple of coats of such paint, you will be greatly reducing the chances that anyone is going to be climbing over your tube fencing.

Low Maintenance

If you need a lot of fencing, but are not prepared to maintain it regularly, then tube fencing is a great match, because of how maintenance-free it is. Firstly, tube fencing is strong enough to withstand the elements, and any physical impact. This means you won't have to repair sections of the fencing because someone modified the shape of one of the columns.

Tube fencing is resistant to insects, animals, snow storms, sand storms, and if flying object hit them then it won't make a difference to the physical appearance.

Design Options

The tubular fencing can come in a variety of types, which includes circular, rectangular and square. This provides you design options regarding how attractive the fence will look. Furthermore, the overall strength of the fence depends on the number if horizontal rails that are used to hold the tubes in place. By increasing the number of rails you will be increasing the strength of the fence. And it also helps to spread the rails out along the length of the tubes evenly.  

Finally, you'll need to consider the density of the tubes. More tubes means increases the strength of the fence, but at the same time the view through the fence is decreased. Some applications might require good visibility through the fence. You can change the density based on how much privacy you need with your fence. You can always discuss this with local experts such as Adelaide Fence Centre.


28 January 2015

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