Choosing Protective Paints And Coatings For Your Home Or Commercial Facility


Whenever you have any type of renovation work done on your home or a commercial facility, it's good to consider using protective sealants and coatings and even specialised paints after the work is done. Protective coatings can help to seal materials and keep them protected from weather and the sun's harmful rays.

For your home or for a building you own or manage, consider the types of protective paints and coatings you might use and how they can protect various surfaces.

1. Waterproof paints

When sealing cracks and leaks in a basement, you may want to follow this with a coat or two of waterproof paint meant for concrete. This gives your basement walls an added layer of protection from water leaks as well as moisture buildup and condensation.

These paints are not meant for drywall and other surfaces, as they're thick and very sticky and meant to be used on the smooth surface of concrete. They're a good choice if you live in an area that is prone to excessive humidity or if you know your basement tends to leak. They're also good to use in production facilities that produce a tremendous amount of steam and moisture during their processes.

2. Concrete sealant

After having a driveway or new parking lot poured, it's easy to think that the concrete is tough enough on its own to withstand constant traffic and use. However, concrete can be very brittle and prone to chipping in the wintertime, and it is also very porous, so rainwater and melting snow can seep into tiny cracks in the concrete and cause damage.

A good concrete sealant can protect your new driveway or parking lot, and many of these come in a variety of colors so that your concrete looks more attractive as well as being more durable. These can protect against damage from heavy vehicles and from extremes in temperature as well.

3. Aluminum sealants and paints

Aluminum is a popular option as a building material today since it's lightweight and very affordable. However, aluminum is also prone to rust and, due to oxidation, may also lose its strength over time. Using a protection sealant or rustproof paint over an aluminum frame can prolong the life of any home or other building. It's also good to use this type of sealant or paint on an aluminum product of any sort. Consider adding this to your production process if you create anything with the use of aluminum, as a protective paint or sealant can prolong the life of your product once it leaves the production line.

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9 January 2015

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