Repairing Cracked Glass In A Leaded Window

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Leaded glass windows look attractive and can enhance the look of a property. Like all glass, however, it can suffer from accidental damage. This can be detrimental to the look of the glass if the crack is large enough. Fixing the window isn't too difficult; it can be done as part of a DIY project as long as you take a little time and have the correct equipment to carry out the repair.

1 September 2015

Things You Should Know About Modular Houses

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Modular houses are those houses built in factory-like settings. The final product is covered and then transported to the new location where they will simply be assembled on site by builders. Remember that modular houses are not the same thing as manufactured homes. The difference between a modular home and a manufactured one is that the modular house is placed on a permanent foundation and can't be moved to another place once assembled.

21 August 2015

Questions People Ask About Ducted AC


If you've never had air conditioning at your residence and are now looking to install a system, or if you've been living with a wall-unit AC and want an upgrade, you probably need to invest in a ducted AC system. And though you may have heard of ducted AC, which is also referred to as central air, you may not have specific information about how the system works. So to help you out, here are the answers to some basic questions people ask about ducted AC:

11 August 2015

How To Store And Lay Carpet Tiles

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Carpet tiles are a durable and practical flooring solution which makes them an increasingly popular choice for people furnishing new-build properties and office premises.  Here's a guide on how to store and lay removable carpet tiles. Storage You should always store carpet tiles in their original packaging and on a flat surface.  This is to prevent the tiles from warping, bending or becoming scuffed.  It's also not recommended that more than 10 boxes are stacked to avoid excess weight being placed on the lower tiles and crushing the material.

31 July 2015

How to Improve Safety During Concrete Construction

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There are few materials that are used at more construction job sites than concrete. Concrete is required for the construction of most buildings and may seem like a material that is not hazardous, but it can be dangerous to work with concrete in any capacity. It takes specific skill and knowledge to master concrete construction and understand how this material should be mixed and poured on any job site: Unpredictability of Construction Site

21 July 2015

Why Choose The Installation Of Split Air Conditioning System In Your Home?

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As the name implies, a split air conditioning system comprises of two units, namely an external metal cabinet plus an indoor cabinet. The external cabinet features the compressor and the condenser and is usually installed outside your house while the indoor cabinet features the evaporator and is typically situated indoors in the attic. Normally, the indoor and outdoor cabinets are linked via a refrigerant line. As you might have noticed, most new and modern homes and facilities feature split air systems.

10 July 2015

How to Choose Tarps for a Home Improvement Project

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Poly tarps, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting are often needed for home improvement projects—from painting a room to actually covering a hole in the roof. However, not all tarps and coverings are the same, and you might get overwhelmed with choices when you shop your local home improvement store. You also don't want to choose by price alone when selecting a tarp, as some will be too thin for the job you need and some will offer certain features that will make your job easier.

25 June 2015

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Septic Tank


A septic tank is an invaluable waste management resource where your property is not connected to the public waste line. It helps collect, store and breakdown waste, slowly releasing treated grey water back into the soil. If you're out looking for a septic tank, there are five major factors you need to consider. Material Traditionally, septic tanks were made of concrete. Today, plenty of septic tanks are still manufactured in concrete material.

18 June 2015

The Advantages of PEX Pipes in Plumbing

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The popularity of plastic piping has risen in the recent past due to the low costs compared to metal alternatives like copper, galvanised steel and cast iron. There are different types of plastic pipes suitable for use in plumbing systems. The most well-known material is PVC but PEX pipes are also gaining recognition in the home improvement market. PEX pipes are technically known as cross-linked polyethylene and they are considered to be good replacements for copper, PVC and CPVC plumbing features in the home.

15 June 2015

3 Material Options You Have for Underground Water Storage Tanks

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Water storage tanks can be a great way to save money on the cost of water every month, as you can use collected water for a garden, livestock, or your lawn. An underground tank is a good way to store this water without detracting from the overall look of your yard, and it may even be easier to collect water with an underground tank. You can arrange for drainage from your home's gutters to run into an underground tank easier than one that sits above ground, allowing you to collect more water overall.

1 June 2015