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3 Questions to Ask Before Using an Outside Company for Transport Labor Hire

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Using an outside company like DSC Personnel to hire transport labour can make it faster and easier for you to get the drivers you need, when you need them. An outside company can save you the time of having to go through resumes and conduct certain checks of candidates before they arrive at your doorstep and ensure you get the right candidates for a final interview or to simply arrive for work.

7 December 2015

Handy Tips to Painting like Commercial Painters

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One of the easiest ways to give your residence a face-lift is by applying a fresh coat of paint. Experimenting with colours or simply updating the current colour of your walls will make your home look brand new without having to go through expensive renovations. However, not many homeowners know how to best paint their homes and have a flawless finish. As such, it is always best to hire professional commercial painters to do this for you if you would want the process to be time-effective.

30 November 2015

Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Popcorn Ceilings

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Dealing with the ceiling is not a miniature project. It can cost you a lot. But it'll cost you even more when you make mistakes. Popcorn ceilings went out of style a long time ago. They were more popular in the 1950s to 1980s, but homeowners are starting to get rid of them. If you've got these textured ceilings and want to level them, then be careful about it. Don't make the mistakes that many have regretted.

18 November 2015

Choosing Pallet Materials: Wood Vs Plastic

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Pallets are commonly used for transportation and storage of various types of goods. Pallets are made of different materials with different properties. As such, different types of pallets will be suitable for different types of applications. Wood and plastic are among the most commonly used materials to make pallets. This article discusses various factors that should be considered when choosing between the two pallet materials for the benefit of prospective homeowners intending to use pallets for transportation of construction materials.

9 November 2015

Want a Truly Unique Retaining Wall? It's Time to Go Gabion

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Retaining walls are a necessity in many backyards. A vertical slope needs reinforcement, and this reinforcement is provided by the wall. Most retaining walls are made from brick or wood, and this is a neutral, unobtrusive look that offers durability as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The sheer fact that so many retaining walls are made from these materials can make you want to have something a little different. A truly unique and stylish retaining wall doesn't have to be expensive, which is why it's surprising that many backyards don't feature the gabion style of retaining wall.

26 October 2015

Plumbing Problems That Should Not Go Ignored


One of the most common complaints homeowners will have are plumbing problems. By no means does this mean that all plumbing is faulty. These plumbing issues typically crop up due to regular use, hence increasing the chances of your plumbing system succumbing to wear and tear. Where homeowners go wrong though is ignoring the first signs indicating that their plumbing system requires some repair or maintenance. When you leave the issues unchecked, they eventually become exacerbated thus making you require emergency plumbing services.

16 October 2015

Create Your Own Garden Haven With A She-Shed

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For many busy mums, finding a space to work, relax, or work on hobbies is impossible in the house. There is a new trend growing for she-sheds, which provide an inexpensive and easy to install area right in your backyard. Sheds have traditionally been used as spaces for men, a place to store tools and work on woodwork projects. However, with a little bit of work, a traditional garden shed can be transformed into a garden haven.

16 October 2015

Frightened Of Asbestos? Two Facts To Know Before You Panic

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There is nothing positive about the word 'asbestos', and finding out you or a family member have been exposed to it will invoke a feeling of panic. However, asbestos exposure does not automatically mean you will become sick. By knowing more about asbestos, and where it can be found, you can handle any exposure in a controlled manner. There are two important pieces of knowledge that you need to know.

25 September 2015

Why Choose Asphalt for Your Home's New Driveway?

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Asphalt and concrete both have their advantages when it comes to a home's driveway, but when you're ready to have a new driveway installed, you may want to consider some surprising benefits of asphalt. This material is quickly becoming the most popular choice for many homeowners, and for good reason. Note a few of those reasons here. 1. Sound insulation The bumpy, somewhat soft texture of asphalt actually works to absorb sound waves rather than allowing them to bounce around.

15 September 2015

Why Choose a Concrete Water Tank Over Any Other Material?

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A water tank on your property can mean collecting rainwater for watering your lawn, filtering and using inside the home, or for use when there is a drought or your water supplies have been cut off for any reason. When deciding on a water tank for your property, you have many options when it comes to materials, including plastic, steel, and poured concrete. Note a few reasons why concrete might be the best option for you.

3 September 2015