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Developing your property seems like a simple task, right? Well, this is hardly ever the case. In many cases, you will incur numerous challenges that make it difficult to complete the project. The rule is to rely on construction professionals to help you realise your dreams. Below is an article detailing the professionals to consult as you develop your property.

Land Surveyors

A land surveyor gives insights into how you can develop the property. Typically, the professional acquaints you with the land development regulations. For instance, what kind of property can you build? Zoning regulations determine whether you will build commercial, residential or industrial property. The surveyor will also inform you about the viability of a subdivision. For instance, they could recommend a subdivision if the new plots meet the minimum criteria to receive a title. They must meet a specific size and should have amenities such as access roads, water and power. 

Real Estate Development Consultants

A real estate development consultant helps you identify market gaps to guarantee the success of your venture. For instance, suppose you intend to build residential property; the professional will inform you about market trends that could increase the value and demand of the property. For instance, buyers could be looking for properties with detached guest wings, fire-proof cladding, high energy efficiency, full bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. This information helps ensure your property stands out. The development consultant could also give insights into the mortgage market if you plan to take a construction loan to fund the construction work. 

Building Surveyors

Building surveyors are an essential aspect of the construction project. Ideally, the professional informs you about the permits needed to build the property. Moreover, they provide the local building code to ensure the building blueprints meet the required standard. For instance, you could be required to use a specific foundation or certain building materials. Once you commence construction work, the building surveyor inspects the structure and certifies structural features such as the footings, slab, and frame. 


The building contractor conducts construction work at the site. As a best practice, you should vet the contractor to determine their competence and suitability. For instance, contact their previous clients to know whether they loved the contractor's work and if the contractor was easy to work with. Then, check whether the contractor has an operating permit and certifications from building associations. Remember to ensure that the contractor has insurance coverage and gives guarantees on the construction work.

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8 July 2022

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