Two Reasons Why It's Best To Have Concrete Polishing Work Professionally Done

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If you think the concrete floors in your home would look better if they were polished, it's best not to do this on your own with a rented concrete polishing machine but to instead get a contractor to do it. Here are some reasons why.

You might give your floor a patchy and uneven look

Polishing concrete properly is a skill that can take a long time to develop. If you've never used this type of polishing equipment before, there's a good chance you'll leave your concrete floor patchier and more uneven than it is now. The reason for this is that when polishing concrete, you must try to make each area of the floor as shiny as every other area. This can be challenging, as you must ensure that you leave the polisher running on each section for the same length of time, at the same speed.

Achieving an evenly polished look across the whole floor can be made even harder if some areas of the concrete are already more worn than others. For example, if you're polishing the floor in your garage and you've been parking your car in the same spot in this garage for years, the concrete directly under this parking spot is likely to be more worn than the concrete elsewhere in the garage. This might mean that it would need less polishing to be as shiny as the other areas. If you left the polisher running on it for too long, it might end up being far glossier than the rest of the floor, which might make the floor as a whole look patchy.

Conversely, a contractor with years of experience using concrete polishers will closely inspect the floor before polishing it, to see which areas require less or more polishing than others and will remain fully focused whilst using this equipment, to ensure they don't, for example, use an unsuitable speed setting or leave the polisher running in a particular spot for too long. The results of their work will, therefore, be beautiful and you'll be left with an evenly shiny, perfect-looking concrete floor.

It's safer

It could also be safer to have the concrete professionally polished. Whilst you might be able to get the safety equipment needed for this work, there is still a chance that you might use it incorrectly and thus get hurt as a result of this. For example, polishing a concrete floor will produce lots of concrete dust and so you must wear a respirator whilst doing it. If you take a break from the floor polishing and start removing your respirator before you've exited the room and closed the door, you could swallow or breathe in a cloud of concrete dust and end up coughing or experiencing nausea.

Likewise, if you remove your safety goggles to wipe some perspiration from your eyes whilst you're in this room, you could get concrete dust into them and experience a lot of stinging and pain. As such, if you want to get the concrete polished to perfection without risking an injury, you should get it done professionally. Look into concrete polishing for more information.


22 April 2022

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