Two Tips to Follow When Buying Timber Products for Your Renovations

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Here are two tips to follow when buying timber products for your renovations.

Don't buy the same type of timber for every aspect of the project

If you need a variety of timber products for your project (for example, if you need timber floorboards, doorframes and skirting boards), you might be tempted to buy one type of wood in bulk for all of these features just to save yourself time. However, you could potentially achieve better results for less money if you opt for different types of timber for some of the structures you're planning to build with this wood.

For example, a hardwood like oak is a very robust type of timber that's ideal for floorboards in rooms where there's frequent foot traffic. However, it's also quite expensive and it could be more economical to choose a cheaper softwood, such as pine, for the doorframes of any rooms that you won't be going into that often (such as the guest bedroom). That's because this wood will be perfectly fine for this low-use room and will be less expensive than oak.

Similarly, even if you invest in oak timber for your floorboards in a specific room, you don't necessarily have to purchase matching oak skirting boards for that room, as you can always paint or stain a cheaper wooden skirting board so it matches the floor or wall colour.

Protect any untreated timber products that won't be used for a while

Renovations can take a long time. If you think your project will take at least a month or so and you're not planning to complete some of the timber-related projects until the end of the project, you should ensure that you protect any of the untreated timber products you buy.

For example, you should avoid leaving such wood products outdoors or in your garage, where they could get damp, as this could make them rot. Additionally, you should wrap the timber in bubble wrap, as in its untreated state, the wood will be more likely to get scratched or to split if struck with anything heavy. Taking these precautions should ensure that this timber is in perfect condition when you reach the point of your project where you need to use it, which will then mean that your final few renovation tasks will not be delayed as a result of you having to replace your damaged timber. To learn more, contact a company that provides timber products.


5 November 2021

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