Top Concerns to Have in Mind When Having a Lift Installed in Your Hotel

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If you are in the process of building a multi-storey hotel building, or if you are looking to replace the old lift in your existing hotel building, there are a number of things that you should have in mind when having the lift installed.


If you have the option, you should choose the right location for your elevator. You will probably want to think about the convenience of your guests and employees when doing so. When installing service elevators, for example, you might want to install them near the laundry facilities that your employees use or near the stock rooms where they keep supplies. When installing guest elevators, you may want to locate them near the parking garage or parking lot or near the front check-in desk. Then, your guests will not have to haul their luggage too far when they are coming and going or when they are checking in and out of the hotel.

Size and Weight Limits

You will want to think about size and weight limits when you are having a lift installed in your hotel. You may want to choose a wider lift that offers plenty of space for guests who might be getting on and off with their luggage. You should also think about things like service carts and laundry carts that your employees might need to bring.


Some lifts are much noisier than others. In a hotel setting, it's typically ideal to be sure that the lift that you have installed is as quiet as possible. After all, guests who are staying in rooms that are located near the elevators might be disturbed by noise. Therefore, when you are choosing a lift, you should ask specifically for a quieter model. Having insulation installed to help cut down on noise can also be helpful. Plus, making sure that you keep your lift in good repair and that you focus on maintenance when needed can help you ensure both that your lift is quiet to operate and that it remains in a good and safe condition for your guests and employees.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when having a lift installed in your hotel. If you work with the right commercial lift installer, they should be able to help you address these concerns and install the right lift in your hotel. Contact a commercial lift installation company for more information. 


2 August 2021

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