Here's Why You Should Hire Scaffolding When Painting Your Home's Exterior

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You've decided you want to paint the exterior of your house — now it's time to decide how to paint it. Traditionally, most homeowners have painted their houses using a simple ladder setup. However, if you've ever tried this method before, you'll know it's not the safest, most comfortable, or most efficient way to do things. That's where scaffolding comes in. Hiring scaffolding to paint your house may sound like overkill at first, but it actually makes the job a whole lot easier. Here are the main reasons why you should call a scaffolding hire company before refreshing your home exterior.

1. You won't have to keep moving

Climbing up a ladder may work for painting one section of your house, but you'll have to move it constantly as you cover the whole exterior. This gets tiring quickly and can make you feel like giving up before the job is done. When you are working on a scaffold, on the other hand, you can paint a whole side of your home without stopping. Not only will you get the job done quicker, but you'll also expend less energy while doing it.

2. You'll be safer

It probably won't come as a surprise to you that ladders aren't the safest option for working at height. Each year, numerous injuries are sustained on ladders; when all that's holding you up is a rung, it's far too easy to slip and fall. Safety is one of the major benefits of using a scaffold to paint your home. The risk of hazards like falls and slips is greatly reduced when you have a stable foundation to stand on. This also allows you to paint your home even when the weather could be better; unlike ladders, scaffolding won't sway dangerously in the wind.

3. You'll paint more accurately

It's hard to paint straight lines while you're balancing on a ladder, and getting into every crease and corner perfectly can be just as difficult. When you have everything set up level and steady atop a scaffold, your painting job will be far more accurate. This is especially true for exterior painting, which can often require intricate work around the edges of windows, brickwork, and so forth. Using scaffolding allows you to take your time longer with each section of your home, as well as gives you plenty of extra room to move around. This way, you can get the job done to a professional standard without wishing you'd forked out on a painting contractor.


11 May 2021

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