Server Racks And Structured Data Cabling Systems: 2 Common Questions

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The use of structured data cabling systems in the commercial setting is common practice. A well-structured and properly-installed data cabling system is essential for uninterrupted communication within an organization or company. 

Server racks are commonly used as enclosure cabinets for structured data cabling systems. This article provides answers to two common questions about server racks and structured data cabling for commercial entities looking to invest in the same.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Structured Cabling Systems?

The use of structured data cabling systems is preferred for a number of reasons. For one, structured data cabling allows for easy installation of cabling system upgrades. This is an important advantage for businesses that are on the growth path, whose data cabling needs are bound to change in response to this growth. For example, when the commercial entity needs to adapt the use of new technological devices, their installation can be done without the need to re-do the entire cabling system.  

Commercial entities that use structured data cabling systems also enjoy the convenience of being able to easily detect, isolate and fix problems within the system. The structured design of the system divides cabling infrastructure into manageable blocks, which makes problem identification and isolation much easier.

What Types Of Server Racks Are Available For Use With Structured Data Cabling Systems?

Server racks can either be open-framed or they can come in the form of a closed cabinet. The choice between open framed racks and closed cabinet racks largely depends on personal preference. However, the advantages and disadvantages associated with using each type of rack often have a great impact on the most suitable choice of server rack.

Open-framed server racks are often more affordable than their closed cabinet counterparts. For commercial entities, this translates to a lower initial capital input required for the much-needed investment.

Open-framed server racks are also preferred for the fact that they allow for unrestricted flow of air within the system. As such, system hardware components get to operate in a much cooler environment.

Closed cabinet server racks are relatively more expensive data cabling system enclosures. Their use is preferred for the fact that they enhance the security of the data cabling system by allowing for it to be locked. Because data cables are locked in an enclosed cabinet, these server racks are designed with airflow control management systems that allow the user greater control over the airflow inside the system. 

The initial cost of acquisition for closed cabinet server racks is often prohibitive for commercial entities looking to invest in multiple rack units at the same time. However, they are a worthwhile investment. 


4 January 2016

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