3 Questions to Ask Before Using an Outside Company for Transport Labor Hire

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Using an outside company like DSC Personnel to hire transport labour can make it faster and easier for you to get the drivers you need, when you need them. An outside company can save you the time of having to go through resumes and conduct certain checks of candidates before they arrive at your doorstep and ensure you get the right candidates for a final interview or to simply arrive for work. Before you use an outside company for your transport labour hire needs, note a few questions to ask them.

1. Always ask about the substance abuse tests they perform

Drivers especially should not have drugs or alcohol in their system when they're ready to work, so you need to check on the substance abuse tests they perform on candidates. Ask how often they're checked and if they are comprehensive tests, meaning tests for narcotics as well as marijuana, alcohol, and the like. This will ensure you only have safe drivers behind the wheels of your vehicles.

2. Ask if they perform background checks

Your drivers will need to be properly certified in order to operate certain vehicles, but you also want to think seriously before hiring someone with a criminal background. Even something petty on their record can open you up to liability if they were to commit a crime while on your payroll, and serious crimes might call into question their reliability. A labour hire company should be checking on these types of records and not just whether or not a driver is certified and licensed to handle your types of vehicles.

3. Note if they put candidates through skills testing

A driver needs to go through certain testing in order to get their certification and licensing, but a labour hire company may also put them through certain skills and knowledge testing. This might be written tests about the rules of the road and the vehicles they will be driving, or it may be an actual skills test behind the wheel. If a labour hire company offers this type of testing then you know that driving candidates will be more likely to perform as demanded and more skilled in handling your vehicles. Written tests are also good as laws and regulations may change over time and a driver may not be updated about those laws, so a written test can alert the labour hire company to any gaps in their knowledge.


7 December 2015

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