Frightened Of Asbestos? Two Facts To Know Before You Panic

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There is nothing positive about the word 'asbestos', and finding out you or a family member have been exposed to it will invoke a feeling of panic. However, asbestos exposure does not automatically mean you will become sick. By knowing more about asbestos, and where it can be found, you can handle any exposure in a controlled manner. There are two important pieces of knowledge that you need to know.

Imported Products

A recent news story about the discovery of asbestos fibres in children's crayons is particularly frightening. But in this instance, the asbestos cannot be inhaled because it is trapped in the crayon wax. So how can you avoid exposing your children to asbestos through their toys?

Firstly, only buy imported products that you are 100% confident about. The crayons that were recently discovered have all come from China. Secondly, check with the consumer services department of your state to find out if there have been any recent recalls of children's products. Additionally, other parents are also a good source of information when it comes to recalled products because news about things like contaminated crayons spreads fast.

In The House

The age of your home is the biggest hint about whether it has asbestos in it, because otherwise asbestos cannot be seen. Prior to the middle of the 1980s, asbestos was used in some Australian homes. The asbestos is contained within building products, such as wall coverings, or ceiling panels. However, it only becomes a risk to your health if the asbestos fibres get into the air. If the age of your home makes you wonder if asbestos products were used during building, contact a certified asbestos professional to collect samples from your home for testing.

If you or your child damage a wall in the home that has been made with a product containing asbestos, then there is a chance fibres can escape into the air. Dust that falls from a damaged wall should be wiped up with a damp cloth. The cloth can then be sealed within a bag, which is then sealed in a second bag for safety. It can then be thrown in the trash. A vacuum cleaner is not a good tool for collecting dust particles as it can blow the asbestos fibres into the air while it is collecting them.

If the damage to the wall is bad enough that the wall needs to be replaced, then you must use a licensed asbestos removal team, such as McMahon Services, to take care of this for you. Special breathing equipment is required to make sure the asbestos fibres aren't breathed in.

While it is understandable to be upset about the possibility of being exposed to asbestos, you shouldn't automatically assume illness will result because you've been around it. By being better informed about how to avoid asbestos, you can keep those panic levels at a minimum while you remove all asbestos products out of your life.


25 September 2015

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