Repairing Cracked Glass In A Leaded Window

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Leaded glass windows look attractive and can enhance the look of a property. Like all glass, however, it can suffer from accidental damage. This can be detrimental to the look of the glass if the crack is large enough. Fixing the window isn't too difficult; it can be done as part of a DIY project as long as you take a little time and have the correct equipment to carry out the repair. This article shows you how to repair a cracked leaded glass window.


For this repair, you will need the following tools and equipment:

  • Clear tape – the kind used for packing is ideal
  • A glass hammer
  • A solder gun
  • Some spare plywood or cardboard
  • Some solder or zinc
  • Some replacement lead came
  • Nails
  • Caulk

Remove And Trace Window

You will find it easier to work on the repair if you remove the window from the frame. This way, you can work very closely on the window and you can also create a template to help you. Once you have removed the window, place it flat onto a piece of plywood or cardboard. Trace around the frame of the window. Then remove the window and nail the plywood or cardboard down with the nails to keep it from moving.

Remove The Cracked Pieces

Next, you can begin to remove the damaged glass. You will need to use the solder gun to heat up the solder holding the glass in place. Once this has been done, you can remove the lead came. This is an H-shaped piece of material that the glass fits into. Once done, use the tape to secure the glass together. Doing this means that it is easier to remove, but more importantly, gives you a good template to use.

Get Replacement Glass

Although you can cut replacement glass, it is probably better to get a professional to do it for you. Take the glass to a specialist and have them cut you a perfect copy of the damaged section. It is quick and usually not too expensive. Once home, slide the new glass into the lead came. Then, gently tap on the glass to secure it into the lead. Secure the lead to the window using the nails.

Solder Into Place

Zinc is ideal solder material. Cut a section that matches the size of the glass section and solder it into place. You will need to be careful here so as not to melt the lead came. Use just enough heat to melt the zinc and no more. Continue to work like this until all the solder is in place. Once done, carefully replace the glass back into the window. You can use caulk to secure the piece of glass. Finally, replace the window back into its frame.

You can use an ammonia-based solution to reduce the shine on the new solder to help it match the rest of the solder in the window. For more information, contact a professional company, like Moorabbin Glass, to help you with your replacement project.


1 September 2015

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