Why Choose The Installation Of Split Air Conditioning System In Your Home?

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As the name implies, a split air conditioning system comprises of two units, namely an external metal cabinet plus an indoor cabinet. The external cabinet features the compressor and the condenser and is usually installed outside your house while the indoor cabinet features the evaporator and is typically situated indoors in the attic. Normally, the indoor and outdoor cabinets are linked via a refrigerant line. As you might have noticed, most new and modern homes and facilities feature split air systems. This begs the question: Why are property owners opting for split system air conditioning installation as opposed to packaged air conditioner systems? Read on to know why.


While traditional central air conditioner systems transmit cooled air via ducts, split air conditioning systems supply cool air directly into various zones within the home. They have the capacity to heat or cool specific rooms within the home to the precise temperature desired, affording reliable and continual excellent comfort. This means you can have your bedroom quite warm and at the same time have your living area quite cool.

Cost savings

This is arguably the main reason property owners opt for split air conditioning installation. Today, utility charges across Australia are on the higher side. When the temperature inside a home relies upon an ineffective system, monthly utility bills may spiral out of control. Firstly, split systems use less power for its heating or cooling operations given that they are smaller in comparison to traditional central air systems. Further to that, the fact that the temperature-regulated air is supplied directly into rooms as per the desires of the occupants, there's no loss in effectiveness. Split system air conditioning installation allows property owners to form zones inside their property, which simply means they don't have to heat or cool rooms that are not inhabited. In effect, this improved efficiency translates into cost savings.

Quick and straightforward installation

As installers might attest, the process of installing a conventional ducted or packaged air conditioning system may take some weeks leading to interruptions within the home. In contrast, split conditioners are far less difficult to install, and based on how many indoor and outdoor cabinets are needed, the installation process can be done in just a single day. Split systems run on little pipes that need a mere three-inch opening. As a result, you don't have to fret about rebuilding ceilings or walls around ductwork; and moreover, there's no loss of valuable square footage.


10 July 2015

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