How to Choose Tarps for a Home Improvement Project

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Poly tarps, drop cloths, and plastic sheeting are often needed for home improvement projects—from painting a room to actually covering a hole in the roof. However, not all tarps and coverings are the same, and you might get overwhelmed with choices when you shop your local home improvement store. You also don't want to choose by price alone when selecting a tarp, as some will be too thin for the job you need and some will offer certain features that will make your job easier. Note a few factors to consider when buying tarps for any project around your home.

1. Poly tarps

Poly tarps are made from polyethylene or another substance that gives them the feeling of plastic, and which makes them very moisture resistant and also resistant to the sun's rays. For covering a job outside where you need to keep out moisture and protect materials from the sun, poly tarps are ideal. Look for holes and grommets in the side so that you can easily tie them down and keep them from blowing away.

When buying poly tarps, note that not all of them are actually flame resistant. If you're covering a barbecue or outdoor fireplace, want to ensure you look for one that says it's been treated to be fireproof or flame resistant.

2. Vinyl tarps

Vinyl tarps are naturally insect resistant. They might be a good choice for wrapping firewood outside, as they will provide a poor host to insects that might try to burrow into the wood. They also provide good resistance to the wind, so they can be a better choice for covering your roofing materials or the hole in the roof when it's very windy outside and you need to protect your work overnight. They're also naturally waterproof, so they are good for outside storage of sporting goods or other equipment that needs protection from rain and snow.

3. Cloth tarps

Cloth tarps actually do let in air and are very breathable, so they allow moisture to escape. They are good for machinery and equipment covering, or for covering your tools, as they won't trap moisture which in turn can lead to rust and corrosion. For covering any type of metal, cloth tarps can be the right choice. Cloth tarps are also absorbable, so if you're looking for a cover for the garage floor as you work on your car, cloth will help to absorb any fluids or oil that might spill, making cleanup easier.


25 June 2015

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