Seek The Help Of A Locksmith To Secure Your Valuables At Home Or Work

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It's common for one to have valuables at home that need special protection. This may include money, jewellery, documents, prized artifacts or firearms. In the workplace, it is expected that one has important documents, valuables and even cash that needs to be safeguarded at all times. With the help of a locksmith, you can get practical solutions that will ease your mind as far as the security of such valuables is concerned. Read on to see what they are.

Special locks

Your locksmith can install special high-grade security locks to areas where you need to restrict movement. At work, this can be in your office, accounting room, storage room or cash room. At home, this can refer to your private office, bedroom or panic room. Your locksmith can install special locks such as: key readers that do not use locks, thumb print locks that can only be opened by specific people or even voice recognition locks. These special locks will ensure that unauthorized people do not access areas you don't want them in.

Safety boxes

Another security measure that your locksmith can help you with is safes. Safes are robust military-grade mini-bunkers that can withstand multiple security conditions in order to secure your contents.  They are ideal for storing important documents, large amounts of money, firearms or jewellery. Your safe can be installed at vantage positions in the wall or floor. Your locksmith can help with the placement, installation and configuration of your safe.

Alarm systems

Your locksmith can also install an alarm system around the area you need secured. Unlike high-grade security locks, alarm systems will provide a notification anytime someone tries to gain access without the required entry code(s). An alarm system may also include sensors to detect movement within the restricted areas. Should someone try to break in, an alarm system can be programmed to alert you discretely via mobile phone, to sound an alarm or to contact security personnel.

CCTV surveillance

Another solution that you can access from your locksmith is surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras will help you monitor security areas. They will also record video footage for later review. You can access the live feed via a computer or on your phone when on the move. If something goes wrong, surveillance footage helps you to establish if there is a threat and what kind of threat it is. This lets you identify an ideal response to initiate. CCTV surveillance also helps with prosecution as it records actual evidence of any crime committed.

If you're not sure what security measure you need to put in place, a local locksmith, such as Smileys Locksmiths, can help you choose the best solution for your particular needs. They will also provide maintenance services and upgrades in the long term, if you should ever need them.


13 May 2015

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