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If your cute kids have turned into teenagers seemingly overnight it can feel like you never see them emerge from their bedroom, and barely know their friends anymore. One of the ways to see a little more of your teenagers and get to know their friends is to create a teenage hangout zone, where they will want to invite their friends to spend time hanging out. If they are spending time under your roof you can keep an eye on what they are up to - and make sure they don't get up to mischief!

Here is how to design a room to suit relaxing teenagers.

Some privacy or separation from the main house

It is best to have a zone that can be blocked off from the rest of the house, and offers some privacy to the teenagers. Not only will they be more comfortable hanging out, but also you won't have to hear everything they say or piece of dialogue from the latest teen movie or exciting video game. This can be valuable for late nights socialising when the adults of the house often need to sleep hours before the teenagers!

Strong Wi-Fi signal

While in years gone by having a record player and some cushions was all that was needed for a teenager sleepover, these days' teens spend much of their days online. Even when together, you'll often find your child and their friends chuckling over online videos' or battling each other in online gaming worlds. A strong wife signal will dictate how much time they spend in their hangout. If you are converting, or building, a separate structure to the main house such as a garage to use as a teen hangout you need to contemplate how to get a strong Wi-Fi signal in the area. Wife repeaters or amplifiers are very useful for this application.

Easy to clean fittings and furnishings

While you want to make the room as comfortable as possible, you also need to plan for the fact it may get (extremely) dirty and your children may not clean as thoroughly as you may prefer. Fit out the room with simple and neutral, yet hardwearing, floor coverings and fittings. Wipe down options like tiles are often a great option for this reason.

Have fun designing a room for your teenagers to hang out with their friends. Just don't make it too comfortable or they may never leave home! For more information, check out companies such as Adelaide Hills & Country Building Services.


20 March 2015

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