How to Choose the Right Industrial Crane

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Large companies and businesses that get involved with construction projects need a tool to lift the heavy materials off the ground. Here is where cranes come in. These machines are built to handle immense weights and they exist in a plethora of different styles. Getting yourself the right crane is a good investment. It keeps your project safe, reduces costs and improves efficiency. Here are things to look out for before getting yourself these machines.

Area coverage

You need to know how much area you are going to cover. Cranes have different coverage features so you need to get the most advantageous one to use. Workstation cranes can cover a rectangular area and span further as compared to jib cranes, which only work in a limited circular environment. However, workstation cranes are more expensive.

Carriage capacity of the crane

Select your crane depending on the maximum load weight you need carried around. A specific type of crane can exists in more than one capacity so get the one that is closest to your max weight. A 181 kilo load for instance, is best handled by a 227 kilo capacity crane. Though a 454 kilo capacity crane can also carry the load, it will need much more effort to move the crane bridge around.

Bracing requirements

Picking your crane is also determined by the bracing requirements and kind of construction your project is based on. Jib cranes don't require any bracing. However, ensure that the building has enough strength to hold the crane by using the right fixings. Steel work construction requires you to add bracing so as to ensure the assembly doesn't move.

Floor space limitations

You can chuse to use floor mounted systems when you've got enough floor space to accommodate the crane. The advantage with these cranes is that they don't exert pressure on the building structure and they are usually much simpler to install.

There are also ceiling- and wall-mounted systems that are used in cases of limited floor space. These are usually installed either on the roof or walls of structures before starting the lifting. However, before using such cranes, you need to ensure that the structure is able to withstand their weights. The best option would be to first call an architect or professional engineer before installing them.

Chusing a suitable choice of crane for your project will determine the efficiency of the job. Contact resources such as Tolsaf Crane Hire to get a better idea of the crane you need.


25 February 2015

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