How To Silence Noise In A Pool Pump


The pump in your pool pumps water through the filter and then circulates it back to the pool. This keeps your pool clean. The pool pump is designed to emit some noise as it operates; however, there is an acceptable noise level. The noise is not meant to keep you and the neighbours awake at night. If you notice an increase in the noise level from your pump, then something is amiss. Troubleshooting will help you discover the cause of the noise and you can take measures to quiet it. Here's a guide to help you get to the root of the problem.

Pump Motor Vibrations

Switch on the motor and monitor vibrations as it runs. Check out for vibrations at the base. If you notice the bolts and screws at the base of the pump are loose, tighten them using an adjustable wrench. This will secure the pump firmly on the concrete pad.

If the noise continues, turn off the motor and remove the bolts from the pump at the base. Beneath the motor, place a rubber pad or a rag. Secure the motor back in place by tightening the pump. The rubber pad or old rag will absorb the noise.

Clean Skimmer Baskets

Skimmer baskets are located at the sides of the pool. Over time, both small and large objects can get stuck in these baskets and cause vibrations. The items in the skimmers could also be preventing water from reaching the motor, and this is what may be causing the screeching noise.

Clear all the obstacles and items that could be stuck in the baskets. Clean baskets will ensure a smooth flow of water into the pump. You also need to check the water level. If the water getting into the openings is not sufficient, then this will affect the motor. The result is increased noise since the motor is being overworked.

Clean Motor Basket

The motor basket is located at the base of the pump. To clean them, remove the lid from the pump motor by loosening the screws that hold the pump in place. Take off the lid so as to expose the motor strainer basket. Then, pull the pump strainer out and clean any debris stuck on the inside. Replace the lid and fasten it into place. This should quiet the noise.

If you have tried all of these steps and the pump still doesn't operate as quietly as it should, contact a repair technician.


2 February 2015

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