The Best Roofing Materials For Roof Repair


Renovating the roof of your home is a costly project to undertake. The roof covers the top of a structure and partially affects heat transfer within the house. Thus, it is intrinsically important to use sustainable and durable roofing material in case you want to repair and maintain your house roof.  To do this, get to know about the most fashionable types of roofing materials in the industry. This way, you will be able to select the best roofing material for your home.

Types Of Roofing Materials

You can obtain great deals by simply taking your time to research new materials. Having a sustainable roof is of great essence as it safeguards the building from leaks and dampness and prevents loss of heat.  Here are a number of popular roofing materials found in the market.

  • Metal – Although construction of metal roofs is energy-intensive, they are pleasing to the eye and long-lasting. These types of roofs usually contain a lot of recycled content. Furthermore, after their lifetime, the metal can easily be recycled. The various options include light-weight aluminum and steel. 
  • Slate – Slate is fine-looking and incredibly long-lasting. Apart from that, it is also heavy and expensive. 
  • Clay tile – Clay tile is also referred to as terra cotta. It is water resistant and has high durability. Just like slate, it is heavy and high-priced. Terra cotta tiles are ideal to use for your roofing project since they can endure the harsh UV light.
  • Wood shakes – This is a striking roofing material designed using cedar. The best wood shakes to go for are those which do not contain any preservatives, additives or moss inhibitors. Western red cedar is used in designing most Australian wood shakes. 
  • Asphalt shingles – Compared to most types of roofing materials, asphalt shingles are not long lasting. Furthermore, this roofing material does not adequately prevent heat loss, particularly if it's dark coloured. It is a widespread residential roofing material since it is affordable. Although reasonably priced, it is not as attractive as the other roofing materials.

Selecting sustainable roofing materials is extremely crucial if you are doing roof repairs. A good roofing material should have a good percentage of recycled content. Of course, durability cannot be ruled out; although, it pays off to have roofing material that can be recycled. Finally, do not use roofing materials coated with copper and zinc, because the coating can be washed off by water.

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16 January 2015

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