How Can You Make Your Home Look Larger?

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Today, prices of land lots have shot through the roof so homes are being built on smaller and smaller lots. This space limitation makes many homes look very cramped unless the new home builder takes special steps to make that home appear to be larger than it is. This article discusses some options you can consider in order to make your home appear to be larger than it actually is.

High Ceilings

You can ask the new home builder to put high ceilings in certain sections of the home, such as the hallway or living room. This will make those places appear to be much bigger than they are. This impression comes about because when you look up and the ceiling is very high it creates an impression that the entire room is much larger than it is. For instance, a living room whose ceiling is 15 feet high appears to be much larger than a living room whose ceiling is 9 feet high even if both rooms are of the same size.

Bigger Windows

You can also make your rooms to look much bigger by having larger windows installed in your home. Larger windows allow more light to get in and this creates an impression that the room is very expansive. Thus, two houses of the same size can appear to be of different sizes if one has smaller windows than the other does. The one with the larger windows will seem to be bigger.

Connect Sections Of The House

Another great way to create an impression of largeness is to avoid having walls demarcating sections of the home that are closely linked to each other. For instance, you can have one large area containing the living room, kitchen and the dining section. This single space will make the house look very large when compared to a house of the same size that has walls dividing the kitchen from the dining area and the living room.

Use Light Colours

Light colours, such as cream, are very good at making a room look much bigger than it is. This is because light colours reflect light so the room appears bigger due to the amount of light in it. This is in contrast to a room painted in dark colours like brown that will absorb most of the light and make the room look smaller than it is.

As you talk to a new home builder like Brett Ward Homes, discuss how some of the suggestions above can be included so that your home appears to be much larger than it is. You will be pleased with the outcome of using these tips.


12 January 2015

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