What You Need To Know Before Installing Epoxy On Your Garage Floor

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Having  non-slip flooring is vital when you use your garage as a shop for projects. In order to have a garage floor that is clean, waterproofed and non-slip, you may have thought about adding an epoxy flooring as an option. Before you schedule an appointment to have epoxy flooring installed in your garage, there are a few things you should know.  Here are a few things to consider before you get started on your own or with a professional.

Surface Preparation

If you are planning on installing an epoxy floor or coating, then you should know that preparing the surface is vital to the longevity of the floor.  You will need a floor that is clean but "slightly rough." This is so the epoxy sticks to the floor and seals properly. This may not be a problem if you have the proper tools, like a floor grinder, to roughen the concrete. If you don't, the best bet is to likely go with a professional.

You will also need to have any previous seal removed from the concrete. The concrete cannot be fresh and should be at least 60 days old. 

Cracks, Holes and Breaks

If your concrete garage floor has any cracks, holes or breaks, they will need to be repaired and filled. If they are small, you may be able to go ahead and have the epoxy installed. If the cracks or holes are larger, you may have to wait for the concrete patch to cure and harden before the epoxy is set.

 If you think the cracks or holes are large, consider contacting your contractor and having them give you an estimate on the time it would take to repair the issue and to put the epoxy in place. If you need the work completed quickly, then a professional may be the way to go to ensure the epoxy sticks and the concrete repair is completed in the allotted time you have.

Dust and Debris

If you or a family member has severe allergies, then you may want to consider using a professional for the installation. The reason is that a professional has dustless options that can keep the dust from grinding and repairs contained so the debris does not get into the air. If you do this yourself, you may have issues trying to keep the debris contained if you don't rent or have the proper equipment, which can be costly.

These are just a few things you should know before installing or having professional install epoxy flooring to your garage. If you think you are ready to move forward with this project, contact a local flooring contractor, such as Stephen Mueller Epoxy Flooring Solutions, to schedule a consultation and appointment. 


9 January 2015

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