Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Balustrades


If you're remodeling your house, or you are having a house built, one decorative item you may be considering are custom balustrades. These railings or posts are ideal on terraces, porches, stairways and balconies, and they can add a bold, attractive design aesthetic to your house. Custom balustrades are made to order and can feature whatever shape, design or pattern you like, including wrought iron, stone and textured glass. To help you make a decision about the kind of balustrade you want to build, here are some commonly asked questions.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Balustrades Made of Aluminum? -- Unlike iron or steel, aluminum is a very lightweight, malleable material that can be shaped into interesting shapes without a lot of effort. It will cost you less to make an aluminum balustrade as compared to one made of iron. Aluminum is highly resistant to rust, unlike steel, so it's ideal for outdoor balustrades, where the elements are going to be a factor. However, aluminum balustrades aren't going to be as durable or strong as balustrades made from iron or steel.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Glass Balustrades? -- Glass balustrades offer you elegance in their polished and sleek appearance, and they also have the benefit of making any space appear larger. The transparency of glass provides the illusion of a larger area because the eye doesn't stop and looks right through the glass, giving the illusion of greater depth. Glass balustrades are ideal if you have a post-modern design style, and they especially go well with wooden floors.. You also have options with glass balustrades, as you can select tempered glass that is double-paned and has been heat treated for additional strength, frosted glass which isn't transparent, and textured glass, which offers design and pattern options.

When Is Wrought Iron a Good Balustrade Choice? -- Wrought iron is ideal if you have a very classic design scheme in your house, because iron evokes a very rustic and throwback feel that harkens back to the Old World, when iron was first discovered. Wrought iron can also be made with so many interesting patterns and designs that are ornate, from flower configurations to sculpted angels. Wrought iron is also very durable and impact resistant, but it must be treated with an anti-corrosion coating as it's very susceptible to rust. It's an expensive balustrade to mount, but it has outstanding visual appeal.

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9 January 2015

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